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Digital & Creative Media

Digital and Creative Media is vital in helping individuals and businesses communicate their messages through creative content.

Learners typically enter careers in media, cultural and creative industries. Areas of work include television and radio, film and video, esports, graphic design, computer games, social media, marketing and advertising.

The ambition is for Greater Manchester to be a top five European digital city-region and recognised globally for its digital innovation. Right now Greater Manchester has over 10,000 brilliant digital and creative businesses. (, 2020)

Student studio

Common tasks in this industry

  • Plan, design, organise and direct the advertising activities of an organisation
  • Maintain a cohesive visual and thematic style for projects and campaigns
  • Work with sponsors and advertisers to secure funding and develop marketing strategies to promote product and business
  • Liaise with clients to discuss product/service to be marketed, define target groups and assess the suitability of various media
  • Stay ahead of changes in media, readership or viewing figures and advertising rates
Creative learner
Studio learners

Routes of entry

  • Level 4 or 5 qualifications — HNCs and HNDs or Foundation Degree
  • Higher apprenticeships (Level 4 and 5)
  • Degree apprenticeships
  • An accredited university degree or equivalent qualification